Ergon Energy - Magpie

Sunny Queen Eggs

Character Animation.

Audible - Miranda

Rigged and Animated characters.

The Witcher - Netflix Billboard Promotion Thailand

Creature Animation

Baby Dragon

Animation test of a baby dragon.

Blacksite (2021)
Helicopter and Drone Animation

ADF "Habit" - Post Covid

Character Animation

Disney/Marvel Shanghai Castle Light Show

I rigged, animated, light and rendered, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Panther, and Spiderman.

ADF "Habit" Pre Covid

In this project I modelled, rigged, textured, animated and lit the creature throughout the commercial.


I was responsible for animating these characters and modelling the props, light and rendering the shots, and some match moving. I also created the tea liquid using cloth simulation.

Oz Lotto "Inflatable"

In this project, I modelled, rigged, textured, animated, light and rendered the character, and inflatable prop.

Borobi Yugambeh

I was responsible for animating, lighting and rendering this sequence.

Kanmon Underwater

I was responsible with rigging and animating all the dolphins, hero fish, and sting rays.

Cairns Australia

Character modelling, rigging, and animation.

BICT - Port of Brisbane

In this project I modelled, and animated a stylised representation of the different routes available to the new Port of Brisbane.

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